About Me


Altee Dapper

I am a certified Emotion Code practitioner who has found passion and purpose in helping those who are suffering from trauma and emotional baggage. It is my desire to help those who are looking to develop into the best and purest versions of themselves.

I have always had an interest in human behavior and how individual experiences impact the way people show up and react in certain situations. Throughout my life I have always been an observer. Friends and family have identified me as an understanding listener that can bring clarity and calmness to difficult situations. I am able to easily identify people’s motives and actions without judgement or criticism.

My mother-in-law presented me with the Emotion Code. She had attended several of Bradley Nelson’s seminars and shared the practices with me and my children. Whenever she did work with my family, the heaviness of burdens was lifted and we experienced feelings of peace. In April 2019, I was able to attend one of Bradley’s seminars to learn how to perform the healing modalities of the Emotion Code/Body Code. Combining this education with my natural ability to understand and care for others has led me to pursue a purpose of helping as many people as I can move past life blocks and challenges.”


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